Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a subscription for another person as a gift?

Yes! ( we recommend it to be a surprise :)

As long as the recipient is over the age of 18 and meets the other conditions for joining the club.

If I do not like a particular wine that came to me in the monthly package can I return it?

If a wine arrives and it is not your favorite choice, remember, that in a wine club you receive a range of products. Some you will love and others you will love a bit less. Unfortunately, shipped wine cannot be returned. Although we cannot guarantee you will love every bottle, we would love your feedback to share with others, and to help with further purchases. *(You’re likely to love most of them, they are really good:)

Can I sign up for more than one subscription?

Yes, we are happy to provide the service for as many numbers of subscribers as you want! However, each package recipient must be over the age of 18, and meet the further conditions of the wine club.

Are the wines kosher? And are the wines mevushal?

The wines have multiple kosher certifications. Most wines in Israel are not mevushal. If you would like information on a specific winery or wine please ask and we will reply promptly.

If I received a wine that I really liked and I am interested in ordering more of the same wine, is it possible?

Some of the wines in the club are limited edition's and can no longer be ordered. But most of the wines can be ordered separately, contact us and place an order.

Do you ship outside of Israel?

At the moment we do not make deliveries outside Israel. But it is possible to order from all over the world for a recipient in Israel, provided that the recipient is over the age of 18 and meets the service conditions of this club. (Did anyone say a holiday gift?)

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