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Updated: Aug 29, 2021

As we settle into the routines of daily life, it’s important to know that we have a home base: a place we look forward to coming home to each day, and a space that makes us feel happy, relaxed, and safe.

We all want that special place to call our own.

Eta Morris of Eta Morris Realty standing next to a tree
Eta Morris

Meet Eta Morris, a boutique luxury real estate agent who knows the value of feeling at home. Based in the beautiful Jerusalem neighborhoods of Baka, Katamon, the German Colony, Rechavia, and Arnona, Eta is committed to helping you find the home that suits your lifestyle. Through her hard work, integrity, and goal-oriented mindset, Eta will match you with the home of your dreams.

Eta made her way into the world of real estate about 9 years ago. With a passion for connecting with others and her devotion to seeing results, she discovered a natural talent in the field. It was actually by chance that Eta discovered her talent in matching people and their homes, after 20+ years of working as both a personal trainer and a clinical family therapist!

"One day, a friend called me up asking for help in finding the perfect home. It was a fun project for me, and I wanted to help. That very day, I made my way to Nachlaot, where she was looking, knocked on some doors, called a few numbers, and found a beautiful place I thought she would like. Just a few hours later, my friend signed the papers, and had a new home! It was all very surreal, and was a really empowering experience."

Rightly so, Eta’s friend couldn’t have better placed her trust. Eta’s eye for detail, her ability to understand her friend’s needs, and her sheer determination landed her a success.

Luxury Apartments for sale in Jerusalem, German Colony by Eta Morris Realty
9 Luxury Apartments for sale, German Colony

Eta’s story is one of empowerment. As a single mother devoted to creating the best life for both herself and her family, she realized she could make a successful living by doing something she loved, as a provider for her children and a professional in the working world. Within a month, Eta had received her real estate license in Israel, and had begun working for a well-established company! Unsurprisingly, she was extraordinarily successful, as her natural talent in the field, along with her hard work, paid off; she sold 8 apartments in her first year!

Today, Eta manages her own real estate company, managing and selling luxury real estate throughout Jerusalem, working alongside and in collaboration with many local agents. She believes that honesty and efficiency are the building blocks of good real estate, and spends time listening to each client to fit their needs with the right property.

Luxury Saidoff Tower, Nachlaot by Eta Morris Realty
Luxury Saidoff Tower, Nachlaot

What projects has Eta been working on?

♦ Luxury Apartments in the new Jerusalem Theatron Residences, located at the heart of the “Cultural Kilometer” of Jerusalem, near the city’s art, cultural, and social center.

♦ A beautiful stand-alone house in the neighborhood of Old Katamon.

♦ 9 apartments for sale in a new project in the German Colony, HaZfira 20 (see picture above).

♦ 208 sqm apartment for sale in the Luxury Saidoff Tower, Nachlaot (see picture above).