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Top 5 Israeli Winter Activities

Let's face it, even though the winter is mild in Israel compared to other places, it still can be rough. In Israel, we're used to the sunny weather 7-8 months a year, so when it turns to the rainy season, we're desperately trying to think of things to do. Here are our top 5 recommendations this winter (altered for Corona times!)

01 Skiing at Mt. Hermon

Israel isn't exactly known for its slopes, but it's a cool treat to visit Mt. Hermon. A chance to see snow in the Middle East, and to have some fun skiing and snowboarding. Depending on the Corona situation it's unclear if the slopes will be open, but you can still travel north to see the snow and chilly weather regardless!

02 Diving or Snorkeling in Eilat

One of the best parts of Eilat is that it's warm nearly year-round. The water maintains a chilly but tolerable temperature whether it's winter or summer too. Given most of the crowds are not there in winter, it proves the perfect time to visit the Coral Beach Nature Reserve and do some snorkeling! Once you dip your head underwater you will enter a magical world of neon fish and coral. A must!

03 Explore the Green North

The "north" is a vast expanse in Israel, from Zihron Yaakov to the Golan, to the Kinneret, there are tons of green scenic views. It really depends on what you're looking for -- hikes, springs, wineries, kibbutzim, the north has it all! You can plan a day or book a whole weekend at one of the many "zimmerim" guesthouses in the north.

04 Check out Christmas Lights in Various Cities

Israel may be the Jewish State, but there are still plenty of places to get into the Christmas spirit. Yafo always has a Christmas tree by the clock tower, and cities like Haifa, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and even Jerusalem are places you can see pretty Christmas decorations and lights!

05 Plan a Dead Sea Getaway

The Dead Sea is another place that remains relatively warm year-round, making it the perfect place to holiday, even in the winter. And even if that holiday is only a day trip. We recommend buying some Dead Sea mud and having a nice float. Bring your favorite book or a picnic and you're set!

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