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Top 5 Trips for After the Seger

01 The Dead Sea

Let's face it -- it has been a stressful year. We all deserve some relaxation, and the Dead Sea is the perfect place to chill out during hol hamoed. Perfect for a few nights' stay, or drive up for the day! Float in the tranquil water, slather on some mud and absorb the Vitamin D.

02 Eilat

Snorkeling in the gorgeous sea, lounging by the pool in an all-inclusive hotel...yeah, Eilat is the place to be during hol hamoed. It even starts to cool down a bit this time of year!

03 The Kinneret

Looking for some freshwater fun? The Kinneret is perfect! Not only are there absolutely gorgeous views, but the Kinneret provides an oasis away from the craziness of the city. You can camp out here or rent a zimmer (kinda of like a private bed and breakfast). Swim during the day, and enjoy the quiet at night!

04 Caesarea

Not far from Tel Aviv, Caesarea is a gorgeous city on the Mediterranean. Hit the beaches, or rent a villa with a pool if you can get a bunch of friends to chip in with you! Caesarea is also home to Israel's only golf course, so if you're looking for an American-style vacation, this is the place.

05 Tel Aviv

It might seem different, but there is nothing like a staycation! Whether you live in the city or outside of Tel Aviv, it's the best place to vacation in the world! Rent a room in a beachside hotel or Airbnb, or take a unique spot in Yafo or the Kerem.

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