Shipments and delivery.

Delivery times.

Delivery times are Sunday to Thursday. 

Monthly Wine Club.

Once a month we pack up your wines  and send it to the address provided by the buyer when placing the order. We guarantee the wine arrives in the first two weeks of each month and in good condition. Any registration for the monthly wine club or a single order of the package without joining the subscription automatically enters next month's deliveries. If you would like to receive the order for the month in which the order was made, please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best according to the monthly wine club schedule.

General products on the site.

The products will be delivered within 7 business days from the date of ordering.


Delivery fee.

In addition to the product and /or products prices listed on the Site, the user on the Site will be charged a shipping fee, the amount depending on the type and place of delivery. The company will be entitled, but not obligated, not to charge the buyer a shipping fee, at its sole discretion.

The products are shipped to your home according to the distribution areas as defined in the terms of use and in accordance with the shipping address provided when placing the order. The courier company can change from time to time and is hired for this service and for the benefit of the customers by the company. The company has the exclusive right to change the courier company from time to time, without prior notice.

A shipment will be delivered when the courier is presented with a valid ID card with an ID number corresponding to the ID number entered when making the order and if the recipient is an Israeli citizen and over the age of 18 as required by law in the State of Israel.

Please note the service is conditional on the user being an adult aged 18 and over and a citizen of the State of Israel..​

Changing, canceling orders and return policy.

The user must check the contents of the shipment upon receipt, and make a comparison of both the order and the invoice sent to him at the time of purchase. Except for types of beverages listed in the terms of use and except for beverages purchased as part of a sale, the buyer will be entitled to cancel the order within 14 business days from the date of ordering, subject to the return of the beverages when closed and in their original packaging when not opened and / or not damaged. And no damage was caused to them and also subject to the presentation of an invoice attesting to the actual execution of the order or other proof regarding the actual execution of the transaction, its date, the amount paid on its behalf and the means of payment.​

All of the above is only for the accessibility of information, in order to see all the terms in full please refer to the terms of use.